This work isn’t preventative, it’s fundamental.

I think life is like mountain climbing (my analogy is a bit grim compared to Forrest Gump’s). What I mean is that it’s filled with peaks, valleys and long stretches of flat terrain. The climate is mutable and the weather can turn on a dime. You wouldn’t just climb Everest without first increasing your stamina and lung capacity. You wouldn’t set your sights on the summit without ensuring your bag was filled with the necessary tools. Life requires the same provision.

Through workshops, writing and conversation, we’ll prepare for the challenges that would otherwise prevent you from reaching the next peak.

Do a quick itinerary check: what’s in the pack you’ve got strapped to your back? Is it helpful? Is it necessary? Or is it burdening you? Weighing you down and holding you back? Let’s sort that sh*t out and prepare you for higher altitudes.


The Fundamentals


One-Off Workshops


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Remote Work

We’re all busy with work, life, Netflix binges, etc. As a result, the majority of the work I offer can be done remotely. Whether you live on the other side of the world, travel for work, or just hate having to put pants on, we can find a solution that meets your needs. 


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