Let’s skip the small talk

Hi, I’m Meghan and I want to skip the small talk.

I’d rather talk about the hard, uncomfortable stuff. So if you’re ready to get intentional about the way you're showing up, I’m here to help.


Life is going to test us,
that much is inevitable,

but learning lessons the hard way doesn’t have to be.

For the first few decades of our lives we tend to learn through a constant- oftentimes painful- process of trial and error. Whether it’s tasting Play-Doh (surprisingly salty), cutting our own bangs (don’t), or dating yet another person we believe we can “change” (nope), there are plenty of lessons to learn the hard way. 

As we grow, the lessons advance. They have greater impact. Before we know it it’s our boundaries being tested. Our integrity. Our self-worth. I don’t believe that those are lessons that anyone needs to learn in hindsight (especially not if the damage can’t be undone with a stylish barrette).  

I’m here to help you get intentional about life’s hardest lessons, so you don’t arrive at those moments feeling unprepared or leave them feeling regretful.


Doing things together

Through workshops, writing, and conversation, we’ll talk about the hard, uncomfortable stuff. It won’t always be easy (okay, it’ll never be easy), but it’ll be worth it. Doing this work will enable you to face life’s challenges head-on and make it through anything (and everything) with your self-worth intact.


Let’s do this!

Let’s talk about the stuff that impedes us. The stuff that’s getting in the way. The stuff that damages our relationships (including the one we have with ourselves). Stuff like:

  • Self-doubt and the tendency to abandon ourselves in moments of hardship

  • The misalignment of beliefs and actions

  • The willingness to accept fault and responsibility for other people’s behaviour

  • The same consistently sh*tty patterns in our relationships

  • Putting niceties before boundaries

  • Risk aversion & conflict avoidance

  • Limiting beliefs and so much more!


Whether you’re faced with these challenges in your relationships, friendships, family or workplace dynamics, I can help.

Explore the many ways in which we can work together below: